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All types of Khakhra's that makes consumer taste authenticity in the first bite are available at Keyan Foods.

Our Story - Shreeji Sagar Impex LLP

"Indulge yourself in Jorry's Bites"

Our story is sweet and simple, but it has the purpose to educate you - what you eat? And who we are?

Jatin Prajapati, Konark Patel & Ketan Chaudhary - these three young and brilliant minds decided to serve India with this tasty, compatible and healthy food item. They believe passionately in this food venture, as it intends to improve people's health and, ultimately, their lives.

In the process, they searched, visited, tasted and learned some facts that...

The junk food sold by local vendors is often appealing to people living across the country, as it is inexpensive and convenient. But this unsafe food creates a vicious cycle of disease and malnutrition. The nutritional components associated with this unhealthy diet create a risk of contamination by physical, chemical and biological agents. This has become a serious concern for them.

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The passion for enriching people's lives with very best Savory food items comes out. The journey of Jorry Bites thus began as Hyper pure snack-food Company. In 2017, Jorry Bites first full-production unit started producing a single variety of food snacks with two or three women. Today, 30+ women across Gujarat, make different varieties of snacks for us. Khakhra, Chikki, Baked Mixture, and Wheat Chips are few snacks items under our umbrella. All our food snacks are handmade and maintain a consistent sense of taste and simplicity. The ingredients we use are rich-sources of proteins, mono-unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, and the recipes respond to the changing tastes and expectations of people across the country. We hope to achieve the nation's beloved snack-food company based on product taste and the promise of giving healthy yet the best snacks to our customers. We are yet expanding, developing new product lines & adding new segments so that we can win hearts worldwide.

Jorry Bites is a new name of crispy mouth-watering snacks; as our snacks are roasted or baked - never fried. You can satisfy your cravings for junk food with these food items. The ingredients maintain a fine balance between taste and health. Lip-smacking, baked and handmade snacks, you can use to add a flavor of any dish or you can make them flavorful with chutney, tea, coffee, pickles, ghee, or yoghurt.

Healthy living is an essential part of your life, but you've to compromise on taste if you choose healthy food. Jorry Bites offer you some delicious meal option where your healthy choice will not be a compromise on taste!

Jorry Bites is moving with an aim to make healthy food more accessible, through exceptional taste. Now, people don't need to compromise on health and taste when it comes to snacking. We use high-quality, delicious ingredients that make taste good, improve energy levels and keep you satisfied.

After working with a bunch of nutrition experts, we finally bring to your plates the savory and crunchy snacks to fuel your hunger. You need a pick-up meal for early-morning class, you need a snack for your late-night study session, or you want to satisfy your pesky afternoon cravings, Jorry Bites has a snack catalog for you to discover.

Jorry Bites is best because we bake with love. We avoid processed ingredients. We are open about what goes into the food we make.

Our Team

We believe 'working together' can make many things accomplishable, even those which are difficult. With this thought, we have made various teams within our company, each of which is headed by an expert. Quality ingredients sourcing, processing, packing and logistics are a few to name teams we have made. All the 15 employees that company currently possess, have excellent experience and work together as a team to turn impossibilities into possibilities.


Making Masala Khakhra, Jeera Khakhra and other variety of Khakhra's is not only our area of specialization but our interest. Ensuring quality is not a rule but our belief, we make best quality and deliver to customers quality in well-packed and food grade materials. Apart from making a good recipe, regular quality tests are done from our end so as to ensure that our offered Gujarati Snack is well-made.

Why Us?

Keyan Foods is a company worth trusting and dealing. Reasons that support this statement are mentioned below:
  • Customer-centric approaches to provide satisfaction to customers
  • Fast delivery service
  • Excellent packaging of Masala Khakhra, Jeera Khakhra, so that they have a longer shelf life
  • Multiple payment options, exchange policies, and so much more.

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